• We are co-operating with various partners in the field of arts/culture, learning/education and society.
  • Our next open events and programs can be seen in news
  • We offer an artist in residence program in Berlin for research and development of artistic work with socio-cultural relevance. info


The programs and projects of The Moving Academy are practice based, transdisciplinary and characterized through

  • locality and diversity
  • small scale, direct acts
  • a complex background
  • simplicity and practicality in structure and appliance


All activities are designed in tune with the requirements of the participants, the learning context and co-operation partners. They focus on a wise application of human and material resources, prove in practice and long lasting outcomes.

Co-operations & On-demand programs

We are mov!ng and appreciate co-operations with partner organizations to enhance meaning and impact.

Therefore we offer the design and facilitation of initiatives and programs on demand.

If interested please contact us for further information.