• We are co-operating with various partners in the field of arts/culture, learning/education and society.
  • Our open events and programs can be seen in news
  • We offer an Artist in Residence program for research and development of artistic work with socio-cultural relevance 


  The next open course:

"Being in RealTime" - Summer Intensive from 17.-21. July 2019 in Reichenow b. Berlin 


The programs and projects of The Moving Academy are practice based, transdisciplinary and characterized through

  • locality and diversity
  • small scale, direct acts
  • a complex background
  • simplicity and practicality in structure and appliance


All activities are designed in tune with the requirements of the participants, the learning context and co-operation partners. They focus on a wise application of human and material resources, prove in practice and long lasting outcomes.

We offer

- Learning labs and learning journeys for artists and innovators who are engaged in social innovation and socio-political activities  

- Active retreats and learning journeys for personal mastery and development in personal and vocational orientation and transition

- Reflection and feedback labs, training-seminars and individual sessions, the support of reflective practice and communication cultures in creation processes, projects and educational institutions

- Integrative practice sessions and training-seminars for body-mind integration and presence 

- Self-leadership seminars and project laboratories for young professionals 

- Impulse programs for cross-generational learning and creative action

Co-operations & On-demand programs

We are moving! and appreciate co-operations with partner organizations to enhance meaning and impact.

Therefore we offer the design and facilitation of initiatives and programs on demand.

If you are interested Please contact us for more information.