Core Practice _ Summer Series 2016 Berlin


Contemplative morning practice 

"Breath - Movement - Focus"

16.-28. July 2016



CORE PRACTiCE integrates body-mind-balance with building up of inner contact, strength and focus.

A series of personal and shared awareness practice to be taken out and integrated into your summer activities, projects, travels and pauses, to start the summer days with deepened contact and lively and healthy moves in body and mind. 

The sessions are open for participation for all interested. For further information please see in the flyers below.

We are looking forward to meet in the studio at Kunstquartier Bethanien

& outdoor on the clean grass of a calm city medow in central PrenzlauerBerg.


Dates & Info

16. July                  Morning Core Practice Intro 

23. & 24. July       Morning Core Practice Weekend

26., 27., 28. July  Morning Core Practice Outdoor


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