Field Café _ Identity

Artistic field research and reflection on an essentially  moving topic:

What is identity? What is my identity? Does identity exist?


We are opening a TMA Field Café on Monday, 13.2.17 at 19.30h in Berlin - welcome to join!

Further information

              „I’ve thought a long time about the importance of theatre in nowadays society, what do we have to talk about on stage (...) Identity is one of the main problems we are almost unable to solve. (…) I wanted to ask about identity and the loss of identity. And if identity exists."  jan lawers, about marketplace 76, 2012


Jakub Crcha from Slovakia, actual intern of The Moving Academy and residency in Berlin, studies theatre and politics at Bennington College, Vermont/USA. As a global player and citizen with his international learning and travel background, Jakub is focussing the topic of identity in his work from a personal, socio-political, theatrical and glocal perspective.

In „The Identity Project“ at TMA Berlin he is starting an artistic field research and reflection in public transport trains of BVG during a 24h period. 

On monday 13th feb. 2017 we warmly invite you to join us  at our Field Café at 19.30h in Berlin Prenzlauerberg for his first sharing and further reflection and positive friction with you. 

Please mail us for participation and to receive further infos: . Danke!



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