Sensing & Sense Making

Support Gharsah School Libanon _ Beneficial Event

On August 13th August 2020, the two non profit organisations Gharsah Sweden and The Moving Academy invite to a beneficial event, initiating a sharing practice and public quest  to support the maintenance of the strongly affected school-project for syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

Sensing & Sense Making

A warm invitation to a lively morning, to wake up body, mind and senses and dive into a practice of personal and social connectedness and quest.

With simple approaches for every body and soul, we offer a collective body-mind practice that might support our centeredness and openness, ease and presence, to sense actual realities.

This morning invites to enhance our resonability. It will lead into a joyful and playful sharing with the question: What moves us? What is needed? What is possible?

A moment of collective resonance as a contribution to support the GHARSAH SCHOOL, (gharsah = sprout), a syrian refugee school in Lebanon.


Join us, bring your friends and family, openness and curiosity, and weather-appropriate comfortable clothes.

Any contribution as donation is welcome and helpful.


We are looking forward! 



Concept and facilitation: Kristin Guttenberg 

The Moving Academy Berlin 


Contact: Jeanette 

Location: Bökhult Beach, Älmhult/Sweden 

Time: Wednesday 13.August 2020

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