Berlin _ July 21st to August 15th 2015

Body-Mind Practice _ Intention & Focus Process _ Cross Cultural Exchange

Our Summer Intensive program on embodiment and cultural practice is designed for individual schedules and benefits, to participate in the whole program or to decide to take parts of it - with and for Berlin based artists, travelers, international guests and other interested 'movers'.


It is a series of regenerative, enlivening and focussing practices to integrate into your summer activities, projects, travels and pauses. The sessions are open for all interested participants. They can be deepened in individual and team COACHING sessions and /or the following RETREATS in nature in august and october. 


2014_Event Flyers & Total Program
2014_Cross-cultural Exchange

In a parallel line  The Moving Academy opens its research and exchange with guests from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, who are invited to take part in the trainings. In extra verbal and non-verbal dialogue sessions, we will focus on certain core topics of our personal and collective challenges and competences these days and share the questions: What are we here for? What is relevant? What is needed? If you are interested in participating, please contact us  or follow the news section for infos about our  Field Cafés during the week-days in the city . 

We are looking forward to your participation - to take it to the core.

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