Why moving?

Movement and presence build the core of all programs of The Moving Academy: We enhance awareness, move perspectives, mindsets and situations where it is helpful and needed for sense-making activities and development.

Learning through movement is a powerful approach to integrate the full human potential and intelligence throughout different stages and fields of life. We are convinced that awareness-based and body-mind practices are crucial elements of learning that offer a most relevant contribution for contemporary and future-oriented educational and social development. 

We inspire and practice movement in various ways:

  • from body-mind practice sessions to travels and learning journeys
  • from moving inner perspectives and mind-sets to stimulating movement of rigid tendencies in outer structures, dysfunctional patterns and conflict.


The formats and programs designed by The Moving Academy are explicitly body-oriented, with the focus on mind-body integration. The practices we suggest activate vital ressources, provide impulses for essentially vital dynamics and change on the personal as well as the collective level, relating to the society and – changing – world we live in. Awareness, perception and exploration play a crutial role in how we approach learning and development.

We are founding on a methodical integration of

  • embodiment and somatic approaches, contemplative practice and mind-body-practices
  • presencing, focussing and mental training
  • process-oriented coaching
  • reflection and communication practice
  • authentic leadership and social technologies
  • performance training and creative techniques
  • site specific learn- and action spaces
  • project labs
  • mindful artistic and contemplative activism


The Moving Academy offers frames to support individuals and ensembles and to facilitate the building-up of support-teams. Special mentoring programs invite cross-generational dynamics and help to build partner-ships of trust and respect, to bring concrete and meaningful projects into being. Asking for responsibility, inner authority, reflecting on the relevance of actions.
How we work is flexible, in co-creation with the respective co-operation, persons and given situative context involved.

What is relevant for us

is to open the space for presence and possibilities. To see and name visions, realities and futures. We like to combine contemplative space and stillness with dynamics, bottom-up and upside-down approaches, friction and challenge. In this we like to move perspectives and step into new points of view; to step out of our comfort zones, move limitations and extend the zone of resilience and wellbeing, and to enlarge possibilities and insights.