the moving academy

mindful motion for self and society


The Moving Academy is an independent organization in the field of culture, education and international exchange. Our work is characterised by body-oriented and awareness-based approaches and transformative practices, that build on arts, somatics and innovative as well as traditional mind-body techniques as neuro-physiologically founded practices for learning and development.

As a non-profit organization we offer and support programs and initiatives to enhance transformative and individualized research, reflection and learning for more direct, future-oriented and sense-making action of individuals and collectives in a dynamic and complex world. Diversity and transdisciplinarity are an inherent and foundational aspect of our work in creation contexts, such as artistic and cultural projects, and diverse learning and transition fields.


Excerpt from the statutes // Auszug aus der Satzung


Learning as Practice

The Moving Academy commits to a dynamic, holistic and critical contemporary and future-oriented learning practice. We

  • invite individuals and collectives to reflect, define and work on relevant questions.
  • support to connect to the actual environment as starting point for perception, exploration, learning and sense-making action.
  • collaborate with artists, students and young professionals of different backgrounds and nationalities.
  • extend over generations and integrate the participation of different areas of society and life.
  • initiate and pursue cooperation and synergies in a network of organisational and institutional partners from arts, culture, education and beyond.

we open and hold spaces

and create project and learning environments that

  • generate sensuous and embodied knowledge, individualized and collective knowledge 
  • build trust, openness and courage for development
  • support consciousness, internal capacities and self leadership competence
  • encourage to ask relevant questions
  • support to face the challenge of personal and collective transitions in a dynamic world and to identify and try approaches for sense-making action of more profound personal and social impact and sustainable future initiatives