the moving academy

mindful motion for self and society


The Moving Academy is an independent organization for embodiment and personal mastery in learning and transition contexts. Our expertise are body-oriented and awareness-based approaches and transformative practices, that build on somatics and innovative as well as traditional, neuro-physiologically founded practices.

As an international non-profit organization we offer and support programs and initiatives to enhance transformative and individualized learning for more direct, future-oriented and sense-making action of individuals and collectives in our dynamic and complex world.

Tune In

In tune with the commitment to a dynamic, holistic, critical contemporary and future oriented learning practice The Moving Academy

  • invites and empowers the individual in her and his reality and context as starting point for sensing, learning and action
  • works with artists, students and young professionals of diverse backgrounds and nationalities
  • reaches across generations and integrates participation of different fields of society and life
  • initiates and follows cooperations and synergies in a network of partners and organizations from culture, education and beyond

we open spaces

and create learning environments that

  • generate sensuous and embodied knowledge, individualized and collective knowledge 
  • build trust, openness and courage for development
  • support consciousness, internal capacities and self leadership competence
  • encourage to ask relevant questions
  • face the challenge of personal transitions in a dynamic world, to see and live the reality as invitation and partner for sense-making action
  • facilitate initial, original action and sustainable future initiatives of more profound personal and social impact
  • acknowledge the own capacity for personal mastery that goes beyond my competencies and abilities.