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Core Team

Kristin Guttenberg, Germany
Founder, Director
Kristin is facilitator, trainer and coach and a movement artist, specialized on embodiment, somatics and contemplative practices in culture, learning and transition contexts. As a pioneer for holistic learning approaches, she integrates her professional backgrounds of social health pedagogy, leadership, body therapy, movement arts and performing arts to research and act at the interfaces of learning and education, presence and future, artistic practice and transformative practice, individual and society.

Her special interest and driving force is the sense-making of (vocational) lifes and the value of the ‚me in society‘, as a co-creation of futures in its direct political dimension.

She sets focus on the benefit of the multiple human intelligence and body-mind connection in educational and vocational fields and in transition contexts, enhancing the level of presence and awareness, of inner authority, performance competence and personal mastery.  For her it is relevant to contribute to independent scenes as well as to institutional levels of social, educational and artistic fields.

Kristin holds an adjunct professorship in Berlin. Since over 20 years she contributes to the development of study programs in art universities, state and free organizations of culture and education and the independent art scene. She is coaching and teaching internationally in body-mind practices, mental training and stage presence, as well as leading practice seminars and learning labs in movement arts, communication skills, reflection and feedback methods, artistic leadership, team teaching and interdisciplinary practice. She is lecturer and individual and team-trainer for students, teaching staff and other professionals.

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Esther Bermúdez, Venezuela / Germany
Researcher and Project Coordinator
Esther is a sociologist. Her aim is to bring forward the work of collectives, individuals, as well as urban and rural tribes who encourage social change through contemporary, creative expressions in new forms of critical-constructive education. In 2014, Esther joined The Moving Academy with the interest to continue contributing to the development of educational practices and programs, based on communitarian participation and plurality. As part of the core team she supports the section of research, funding and administration with her expertise and experience.

Partners & Associates

Philippa Allan, Germany / Australia
Project Management
Originally from Australia, Philippa is widely experienced, both as an active musician and as a manager.
She has lived in Berlin for over 20 years, returning regularly to Australia. She is founder and director of Real Arts - a consultancy for international cultural relationships.

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Aleksandar Acev, Germany / Croatia
Aleksandar is contemporary mime, pedagogue, choreographer and director for physical theatre. His special focus: the body as a stage, a platform and meeting point where connection with other disciplines and sensibilities is possible. He acts as pedagogue and facilitator in various art universities and fields of social arts.

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Ingo Reulecke, Germany
Ingo is dancer performer, choreographer, program creator and pedagogue in the field of artistic and contemplative practice, working and cooperating in university as well as free artistic contexts.

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Cécile Tacier, Schweiz
Project Coordinatior

Veronika Risnovska, Slovakia / Germany

Veronika studies performance and society at Bart College Berlin. She joined TMA 2015 and is present with great engagement in the fore- and background. As an alumni of United World College Mostar, she is assisting coordinator of TMA projects and trainings for international and vocational schools.

Clara-Luna Donoso, Germany / Peru

Clara-Luna is a young dancer-choreographer studying in Berlin. Starting her life in Berlin she spend most of her years in Chile and Peru. With her multi-cultural background she carries influences from south-american arts. For the assistance of the summer program she joined TMA in 2019. For the coming semester she is in process for an internship at TMA with her actual research-work.

Jakub Crcha, Slovakia / USA

Jakub joined TMA in the winter semester for his internship and supported the reflection and documentation period of TRAFO Projects.  When he is not present in Europe, he studies theatre directing, politics and language at Bennington College, Vermont/USA.

Marco Krämer-Eis, Germany
Media Consultant

Marco is a director, dramaturg, translator and voice actor. He studied "Theatre-, Media- and Filmstudies" and "German" at Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University Frankfurt/Main.

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