Übergänge Transitions

Transitions into Action is an intensive training-seminar in 3 modules, offered by The Moving Academy and Partners. In the time period of August to October 2013, we will be moving forward as a motivated, multinational group, introducing approaches to skillful self- and team leadership.

„What are we here for? Where are we able to go?“ This training adresses young professionals from the arts and creative-, social- and economic business contexts who wish to improve their self-leadership abilities and bring a concrete project to life. In Transitions into Action, leadership and sustainable futures are directly and individually adressed on a personal level. The core elements of this training are Body-Mind Practice and Martial Arts, Self-Leadership and Communication, Performance Training and an integrated Project Lab. As a participant, you are invited to apply for this training-seminar with a theme or idea for a project of personal and social relevance, which you will lead and develop throughout the course of the modules.

Topics, process and outcomes are as individual as open. In building a richly faceted support team, we are diving into the Berlin urban environment as well as an Active Retreat in nature on a sailing boat in the Mediterranean Sea. In these diverse fields we will be   touching visions and realities, moving perspectives and possibilities further.

The integrated Junior-Senior-Mentoring-Program JSMP invites cross-generational perspectives: bringing together the competence of each junior participant with a senior partner of his/her choice in a support team.

The Moving Academy’s distinctive approaches make Transitions into Action an inspiring learning-journey with direct output and deep personal, as well as social, impact.

Ready? Come on board!