Young Leadership


A 3 day empowerment and creation lab in an inspiring environment, to find clarity and focus on actual questions and professional paths and projects.

We will share the quest of the present as well as future visions. We practice concrete tools to enhance the capacity for personal mastery and to find clarity and focus. Within a co-creative peer-group with rich and diverse backgrounds and experience, we built a frame of support, fun and challenge to exchange perspectives, open inspiration and gain insight as well as concrete impulses on what you wish to bring forward in your actual situation. The approach integrates 

  • body mind practices, transformative practices & social technologies 
  • reflection and feedback-tools, focussing-practice 
  • a project lab for prototyping first steps


For whom

Students and young pioneers in the field of arts & culture, humanities, socio-political contexts and beyond.

Global citizens, Berlin locals and new-arrivals

All persons on their way into vocational life, choices and  transition, interested in an active participation and co-creation of society


Led by

Kristin Guttenberg, The Moving Academy _ transition pedagogue & performing artist; facilitator for reflective practice, interdisciplinary communication & authentic leadership; international university lecturer 

Organisation and assistance:

Jakub Crcha, UWC Alumnus _ studies in theater directing, politics, language

Veronika Risnovska, UWC Alumna _ studies in performance & society